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How To Get Your Over Energetic Sometimes Mischievous Child To Learn Self-Discipline.

How To Get Your Over Energetic Sometimes Mischievous Child To Learn Self-

Discipline. This is a question I have heard frequently from parents during the past 40 years teaching martial arts. Helping children understand the differences in what discipline really is and translating the explanation into ideas your son or daughter can understand and relate to is key in the process.

Two types of Discipline: Discipline that show when you are asked to do something by your mother ie: Johnny, will you take out the garbage outside? By answering ok , and then doing the task requested is following direction and completing what has been asked and agreed to by you, therefore= discipline.

The second type, which for Johnny is the most important kind is knowing something needs to be done like if it is your normal responsibility to take out the garbage, then when you see that the garbage needs to be taken out you simply say to mom, the garbage is full so I am going to take it to the garage or wherever it is supposed to go. This is self-discipline and without self-discipline it is nearly impossible to be successful in life I think today it may in fact be more challenging for a parent to teach their child self-discipline for a variety of reasons. One of those is simply the ease of doing things with

the advances of technology and conveniences that make things very easy.

Additionally, as a society in many ways there appears to less expected of our youth than in previous decades. The results will eventually present themselves when a child is asked or required to perform tasks independently and with time requirements to satisfy. To assure a successful outcome self-discipline will be needed. As we all know, the older your child becomes the more responsibilities he/she will be expected to undertake. The sooner your child develops this essential life quality the better.

Parents can take a foot hold and assist their child’s education with providing meaningful experiences to develop the much needed self-discipline and through examples of how they complete their commitments, tasks like chores or homework. Additionally, setting the bar for expectations and what is acceptable or not for a completed task sets the stage for the present and future for your child’s performance wherever they are.

Of course having your child participate in martial arts classes with us at Jeff Ellis’ International Karate Centers not only provides a structured experience that will contribute to developing self-discipline but also teach goal setting & goal accomplishment plus self-reliance.

Martial Arts As A Family Affair

Many parents have discovered that in addition to enhancing their child’s level of self-discipline, self- control, focus, respect for self and others by participating in a quality martial arts program, by also taking part in the experience with their child by taking classes too really has a big payoff for both the child and the parent.

A perfect bonding opportunity where mom and/or dad is achieving physical and mental benefits that they never imagined might take place as well and actually engaged in the experience with their child or children. It’s much different than taking your child to soccer practice or even coaching their team. The kid’s think “Wow this is so cool my mom /or dad is taking the class too!! We have had this same scenario play out like this countless times over the years. These boys and girls really treasure this “special” time with mom & dad and later on when they become older reflect back on what an important

part of their life this martial arts experience with mom and dad really was.

Parents gain positively with improved fitness, flexibility, gain strength & endurance.

Parents are often surprised how their self-confidence and focus grows as well as their child’s. In addition, they find that it is the best way to support your child – by actually participating.

The saying “a family that kicks together stays together” has lot’s of merit.

A FUN experience that provides a meaningful outcome for the entire family!

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