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35 Ways to Show Your Tween/Teen You Love Them

  1. Show up to the school play/sports/performance

  2. Get to their activities on time

  3. Family dinner, at the table

  4. A hug

  5. A kiss

  6. Snuggle on the couch

  7. Be consistent

  8. Say no and mean it

  9. Admit when you are wrong

  10. Turn off Facebook alerts

  11. Say, "I am proud of you."

  12. Point out what they did right, not what they did wrong

  13. Ask, “Do you want my advice?”

  14. When they say, “No” just listen.

  15. Unless it is dangerous just bite your lip and listen

  16. Talk about sex

  17. Talk about drugs

  18. Talk about media use

  19. Listen to their music in the car

  20. Share your music with them

  21. Don’t compare your childhood experience to theirs

  22. Share your stories

  23. Spend time as a family

  24. Spend time with them one on one

  25. Help them with their homework, or get a tutor to.

  26. Say, “I believe in you.”

  27. Explain your expectations clearly

  28. Put a happy note in their lunch

  29. Be respectful to the other parent(s)

  30. Listen, listen, listen

  31. Be home

  32. Leave your room and spend time in the kitchen/family room

  33. Treat each child as an individual

  34. Put down the cell phone

  35. Say, “I love you.”