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Does My Child Need Therapy

It’s a crazy world out there. Each time we turn on the computer we are faced with fear, anger, temptation, and tragedy. In my practice, I have addressed concerns from gaming addiction to cyberbullying which didn’t exist when I was a child. With all that is wrong in the world it seems to be a wonder our children even make it out of high school. So why is it that some children go into therapy and others do not? And is there any right or wrong answer as to when is an appropriate time to seek professional help vs. handling it at home? Well, the answer can be a little complicated but here is a guide to help you figure it out.

The first thing that determines whether a child will benefit from seeing a psychotherapist is you, and the next thing is them. No matter what the issue they are dealing with if you feel that it is beyond your ability to manage it effectively with them then bringing in a professional is a great idea. It’s like math class. When our children are learning addition and subtraction we usually are confident we can direct them, but when they progress into algebra, trigonometry, and calculus then we may need to get a tutor to help them learn the skills they need to master the information and feel comfortable. Now, if you are a theoretical physicist you may be perfectly comfortable with math, but less comfortable in another subject matter. A therapist is there to help you and your child understand their emotions and to find ways to manage them effectively. Parent are a child’s best support system, but if you are also overwhelmed you may need to bring in a professional to help sort things out.

Your child is the second determining factor. Some children can be super resilient and appear to be unaffected by the most dramatic events and changes. Other children are incredibly empathetic and require a great deal of structure and predictability to feel safe and happy. Both are okay, and although personality type can be a consideration it does not determine whether your child needs therapy. A change in their personality does. If your child seems more withdrawn than usual, does not get pleasure in the things they normally do, their grades have dramatically dropped or can’t be maintained, or they have regressed in their functioning to a lower age then they previously mastered. If they are getting in trouble in school or in the neighborhood. If they seem sad most of the time and are not able to tell you why, it may be time to seek professional help.

Lamplight Counseling Services, LLC is dedicated to providing quality mental health services to adults, adolescents, children, and families across North East Ohio. When you come to our offices you will meet with an experienced, master’s level clinician trained to help you and your child develop the coping mechanisms you need to overcome whatever obstacle you are facing. First, we work with the child and parent to identify where your concern may be coming from. Using an array of therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioral therapy, play therapy, and even EMDR we process those difficult feelings and experiences, and identify steps both the parent and child can take to master the coping and communication skills necessary to feel happy and confident at home. If you or your child are struggling we can help. With locations in Medina and Independence you are just a few minutes from the help you want and the experience you need. Give us a call at 330-331-5800 or 216-455-5571 for an appointment today.