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Yoga and the Mind/Body Connection

The body and mind are constantly interacting. Studies have shown the thought of sweet candies can cause the pancreas to release insulin. Others have shown negative thoughts and/or living in a stressful situation decreases the function of the immune system; while positive thoughts, feelings of peace and laughter increases its performance. Yoga is a science that approaches the body and mind as a single integrated entity. Daily life and its turmoil causes stress to mind/body. This creates anxiety, depression, restlessness and anger. Yoga poses stretch the body releasing and relaxing rigid muscles, the constricted vascular system and overactive nervous system. One is reminded while in the poses to notice thoughts, to let them go and to return awareness to the feelings and alignment of the body. All of this affects the chemical output of body/mind bringing it into balance again and improves the mental state of being and one’s focus.

Namste, Shirley Shirley Weimer is an RN and CYI (Certified Yoga Instructor). She worked as a nurse for 26 years and left nursing in 1997 to teach yoga. Having practiced yoga since 1973 and experiencing its benefits she loves to share yoga with others. Northern Ohio Yoga (NOYO) classes are offered in multiple locations in Medina and Ashland counties. The website is and phone 330-667-2262.