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Emotional and Mental Health Services

Lighting The Path to hope

     We are all deserving of a life full of satisfaction and contentment. Sometimes however, life can feel out of control. We can feel disconnected from the people and things we care about the most. Sometimes it is the people we most care about who become remote and unfamiliar.


     Our therapists provide a safe place for you and your loved ones to process these feelings. From adults with feelings of depression to children struggling to pay attention in school, our client centered therapeutic approach can help you learn the skills you need to love your life again.


     Change happens with support, guidance, wisdom, and trust.  At Lamplight Counseling Services LLC we are ready to earn that trust.

I've been seeing Julie for my PTSD and love her !!!!! I dont know where i would be with out her or this place...

January 2018


We all want to be the parent our children can look up to.  We want them to have fond memories of their childhood while learning valuable life lessons they will teach their own children. At the same time our children have numerous other influences in their life.  The in...

   The body and mind are constantly interacting.  Studies have shown the thought of sweet candies can cause the pancreas to release insulin.  Others have shown negative thoughts and/or living in a stressful situation decreases the function of the immune system; while p...

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